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11 Apps to Help You Find Great Deals

If you’d like hand-picked promotions, sales, and coupons, Brad’s Deals is just the ticket. They’ve been around since 2005 and cover a HUGE number of categories, so you’re likely to find good deals on all kinds of things.

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Money Saving Tips: The Ultimate Guide that Can Save You

Use coupons, the best deals apps, or special time-of-use plans to save; Remember that even saving just a little on each service can save you a bundle overall. Get a deal on monthly expenses. Let’s talk about how to get a deal on some common monthly expenses for a minute. Here’s how to go about it.

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When You Pay Off Your House, Throw Your Own Debt Free Day

Notice I did not say you need to clip coupons, cut the cable, or pack your lunch every day. Steve Stewart and his wife started their get­-out-­of-­debt journey in 2005, paid off all their consumer debt by 2007, and paid off their mortgage early! He encourages everyone to stop and examine their finances,

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7 Easy Ways to Make the Most of Your Grocery Budget

You can also use coupons in conjunction with the cards. Stores that offer double or triple coupons can save you even more money. If coupons really interest you, you may want to join a site that helps maximize coupon use. Remember, rich people use coupons all the time. 6. Shop the “awkward” areas of the store most, and buy generic or store

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12 Money Management Resources You Won't Want to Miss

Once it’s running, it’ll look for coupons & discount codes whenever you add something to your cart online. If you’re on Amazon, it’ll also check third-party listings for you and let you know if you’ve got the best price or not. I’ve been using Honey for a couple of years now.

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Shopping at Costco the Frugal Way: Super Easy Savings Hacks

According to the USDA, the monthly cost of food at home for a family of 4 ranges from a low of $551.90 to a high of $1252.20. That’s a lot of spending on food — and it doesn’t include costs associated with eating out. Not surprisingly, groceries (and food expenses in general) are an area where many of us are trying to cut back. Shopping at Costco (and other warehouse stores) can be one

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How I Paid Off My Student Loan in 5 Months After Years of

By September of that year, I had paid off $5359.28 of the debt. That left a balance of $4400.18. Knocking out the rest. Finally, the obvious hit. I was telling my husband that I didn’t understand why people who had the money to pay off a debt didn’t do it, when duh, I realized that described ME.

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The 8 Habits of Financially Successful People That Anyone

The vast majority of the well-off people I know use coupons, check prices, and try to get good deals. (Here are some of the best deals apps.) They’re not worried that other people will think they “look poor” or think they can’t afford stuff. (They KNOW they can afford things and see no point in wasting money.)

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Alternatives to Loans: 5 Things to Do Instead of Borrowing

I have a “stockpile” I’ve purchased with coupons, so we try to live off that for a month. It helps a lot! Also, if you’ve never heard of ‘Buy Nothing’ it can be a great resource to reach out and post “ask” for things you need, rather than buying. Check to see if there is a chapter in your area (it runs off Facebook, so start there).

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The Middle Class Lie That's Keeping You from Real Wealth

She & her husband paid off all their personal and business debt in 2013. (Woohoo!) Now that she & her husband are debt free, they have the highest quality of life ever. Growing up, there was one thing my mom drilled into my brain constantly. We are the middle class and deserve nothing less than what educated, professional middle class families

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