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How to Calculate Percent Off | Sciencing

Imagine that you've seen a blazer in the shop window that originally sold for $90, but now it's on sale for 30 percent off. Calculate the Percent Remaining After Discount Subtract the percentage of the discount from 100; the amount left over will represent what remains of the original price after you've taken away the discount.

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How to Figure Discount Percentages | Sciencing

Note that discounts are usually taken off of the order price BEFORE taxes are added. (15% off of a $203.19 order before taxes) Convert discount percentage to a decimal by dividing by 100. (15% / 100 = .15) Multiply the number or price, which the discount will be taken off, by the number derived in Step 2. (203.19 x .15 = 30.4785)

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How to Do Discount Math Problems | Sciencing

To illustrate this principle, here is an example: to take 1/3 off $36.00, divide 36 by 3 and multiply by 1. This becomes 36/3 x 1 to equal 12, which represents a discount of $12.00. To get the actual discounted price, subtract 12 from 36, in other words, 36 minus 12 to equal 24.

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CIRQ: World’s Smallest 1080p Projector | Sciencing Shop

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ZenMate VPN: Lifetime Ultimate Subscription | Sciencing Shop

Apps + Software > Security > VPN. ZenMate VPN: Lifetime Ultimate Subscription Stay Protected Online & Access the Content You Love with This Award-Winning Security Solution

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The Disadvantages of a Small Sample Size | Sciencing

Therefore, the results of the survey will be skewed to reflect the opinions of those who visit the website. If an individual is on a company's website, then it is likely that he supports the company; he may, for example, be looking for coupons or promotions from that manufacturer.

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What Is Vacuum Pump Oil? | Sciencing

If you use a vacuum pump, you need to familiarize yourself with its oil. Each pump type has its own requirements for oil, and the oil needs to be inspected and periodically replaced. These oils come in hydrocarbon, silicone and other varieties specially formulated for vacuum applications.

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The Life of AAA Batteries | Sciencing

The most significant factors affecting the life of an AAA battery include the type and quality of the battery, its application and its amount or frequency of use. The environment, especially temperature and humidity, also affect battery life. And rechargeable AAA batteries have a significantly longer life than

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Male & Female Reproductive Parts of a Flower | Sciencing

Flowers have both male and female parts that work together to reproduce. The male reproductive part of the flower produces pollen, while the female reproductive parts receive the pollen. Once fertilized, seeds form in order to bring new flowers to life.

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