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Dec 22, 2020 · SlashBot is a new innovative Bot that brings slash commands to your server. You can easily get started by inviting it and typing out "/" and selecting from the available commands.

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(52 years ago) 59 ONLINE N/A. Simp Bot. Simp Bot allows you to view and submit images of your favourite anime characters on command! Anime, Images. View Invite. 37 IDLE N/A. Avocado Bot. A multipurpose bot with many features made by anugrah#7777. Moderation, Giveaway.

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Sierra | Discord Bots |

(52 years ago) s!ping - Check ping between Sierra and the Discord API. s!runtime, s!rt - Shows Runtime Statistics and Node Specifications for Sierra. s!serverinfo, s!si - Shows a detailed list of server information. Pokemon Bot Assistant Command Directory. s!help poketwo - View commands specifically designed around Poketwo, such as the Shiny Hunt Tag System.

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Microsoft Advertising | Formerly Bing Ads

(52 years ago) Do you own You're Missing Out on High Value Audience with Lower Cost-per-Click & Great ROI! Get Started Today.

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Confesscord | Discord Bots |

(52 years ago) Confesscord brings anonymous confessions to your Discord! Setup Confesscord by running a very simple command c!setup autorun The bot takes confessions from one channel and posts it in another anonymously like you see in other big servers do this with private bots! Confesscord Features: - Logging System for server Administrators - Link filter to ...

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Beycord | Discord Bots |

(52 years ago) Jul 17, 2021 · This bot has a few bugs, but as an Open-Source Project, anyone can assist with eradicating them. It also lacks a few of the commands that the original Beycord had, but all of those are coming in time. If you're just looking for a Bot to casually add some activeness to your Server, you can't go wrong with Beycord.

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Katheryne | Discord Bots |

(52 years ago) Katheryne. A Genshin Impact Discord bot that includes reminders (timers), characters, artifacts, weapons, and a wish simulator! 98,151 votes this month.

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GeП | Discord Bots |

(52 years ago) Our bot is a unique bot that allows you to add items to your servers as a "stock". You can customize cooldowns and channels and allow users to get these items! You can even set different channels and role permissions for every item type.

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Lofi Radio | Discord Bots |

(52 years ago) May 25, 2021 · Lofi Radio stays playing in your server 24/7 and never disconnects unless you ask it to do so. Supports stage channels and slash (/) commands. Plays high quality audio. 99.99% uptime. A lag-free experience. Useful and unique commands. Constantly updated and improved. You don't need to leave Discord to listen to Lo-Fi music!

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Discord Music Bots | Discord Bot List -

(52 years ago) The perfect discord music bot with an extensive dashboard! Feature rich with high quality music from Spotify, Deezer, SoundCloud etc.! Media, Multiple-Language

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MarriageBot | Discord Bots |

(52 years ago) MarriageBot. This is a Discord bot intended to bring love and drama to your Discord servers. It allows two users to get married. There are no benefits to being married. It simply is a thing that you can do. Here's a family tree you can make through marrying and adopting various users:

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Succubus | Discord Bots |

(52 years ago) Jul 30, 2021 · This bot was made with the users in mind, we made sure you'll have a better experience than other bots in this feature-set. Still under heavy development, even more unique and relevant features are on the way! Primus about 2 months ago. Great bot, somehow discord support hasn't verified it after a few months but other than that, good bot.

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Discord KPop Bots | Discord Bot List -

(52 years ago) Spice up your Discord experience with our diverse range of KPop Discord bots

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Maro | Discord Bots |

(52 years ago) Nov 22, 2020 · An all-in one Hypixel Skyblock Discord Bot. The main focus of Maro is to allow for a quick retrieval of Skyblock statistics for a given player. It includes various commands in order to make your life a bit easier if you don't have access to Hypixel Skyblock. Join our discord for any support!

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Discord Translation Bots | Discord Bot List

(52 years ago) Miku.N is a bot for easy browsing🌐 GOGOANIME LINK🔗, ANIME & MANGA info from MYANIMELIST, Anime QUIZ, QUOTES, WALLPAPER🎊 role play fun ⚡

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KonohaRPG | Discord Bots |

(52 years ago) Discord. Report. Stay updated on our main server 『 Here!. 』. Begin an adventure in the Naruto world. Complete missions to become the world's strongest ninja. Enjoy our competitive ranked mode where you battle with other ninja to reach the top of the leaderboard.

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SOFI | Discord Bots |

(52 years ago) Collect from 40,000+ Characters • Anime • Kpop • Webtoon • Vtuber • Genshin • Pokemon • Battling • Dungeons • Monsters • Card Game • RPG

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Chuu | Discord Bots |

(52 years ago) Chuu is an open-sourced discord bot that integrates with discord. Highly customizable at the user and server level. Also has some unique integrations with There are a ton of available commands like: Your top of albums that were released in a given year. Image charts of both albums and artists.

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Ofira | Discord Bots |

(52 years ago) Ofira. Hey, This is Ofira! A discord bot which aims to proivde rich quality music and 24/7 vc to everyone. 339 votes this month.

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Discord Spotify Bots | Discord Bot List -

(52 years ago) Spice up your Discord experience with our diverse range of Spotify Discord bots

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Sheepbot | Discord Bots |

(52 years ago) Sheepbot Sheepbot is a bot designed to make your server more involved Features: - Highly featured music with free autoplay - More than 250+ commands!!

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Aguante Chaewon | Discord Bots |

(52 years ago) Creator. Aguante Chaewon is a K-POP Trading Card Game. Collect the cards of you favorite groups and level them up. In Aguante Chaewon you can: Try your luck by getting random cards. Get your desired cards using game coins. Level up your cards. Level up your account. Complete missions and receive rewards for playing.

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PLAYROOM ♡ Dating Discord Server | Discord Servers |

(52 years ago) 💕💕💕 No.1 Dating Discord 💕💕💕 Get DMs Fast ! ♡ 250 Profiles / Day ! ♡ Match Bot ! ♡ Relationship ! ♡ ! ♡

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AXVin | Discord Bots |

(52 years ago) AXVin Bot. The AXVin Bot is the first bot can change it's username and avatar url for your server. (not exactly but yes) Check out our Quickstart guide on our Docs to know how to set up the bot!. Features. Change what and how your tag messages display as by changing the username and avatar url

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bleed | Discord Bots |

(52 years ago) bleed. bleed is a multipurpose bot that allows you to do much stuff like : Configuration, Prevent Server Raiding, & more! 9 votes this month. 5 reviews.

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Among Us Dumpy Bot | Discord Bots |

(52 years ago) Jun 18, 2021 · The only bot that will take your images and turn them into Among Us Dumpy GIFS! Just run !!dumpy, and attach an image.You can also run !!dumpy to change the height, which goes from 2 to 35 and defaults to 10. If you do !!dumpy @person, it will use their avatar instead of the latest image in chat.. There are also some other commands, run !!help for a full list!

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KDBot | Discord Bots |

(52 years ago) Commands 'tts: plays a tts message in voice chat 'speakers: list of supported speakers 'translate: translates text from one language to another 'help: displays help for the bot 'commands: displays the full list of commands 'stop: stops the currently playing audio 'leave: leaves the voice channel 'about: information about the bot 'prefix: changes the current prefix

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Zalgo | Discord Bots |

(52 years ago) The bot to replace all the utility bots on your server ! Moderation, logs, giveaways, levels, security, embeds, statistics, and more...

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Rocket Games | Discord Bots |

(52 years ago) Rocket Games. افضل بوت العاب عربي من حيث تعدد الاوامر والالعاب. 26 votes this month. 23 reviews. Invite Vote.

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Easy Applications | Discord Bots |

(52 years ago) Easy applications is a simple but extremely powerful application tool for allowing your server members to apply within Discord. No need to link to google forms all the time, have your applications where you want them, and allow your admins to take care of them.

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Reactor | Discord Bots |

(52 years ago) Reactor Can React To Every Message Sent in a Specifiable Channel With The Reactions You Want From The Guild You're Typing The Commands In. You Can Find Full & Clean Commands List on Reactor's Website USER COMMANDS (Does Not Require Admin Permissions): re!help (re!h) Sends Help Embed That Includes All Commands of The Bot and How To Use Them. re!invite (re!i) Sends …

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Mewdeko | Discord Bots |

(52 years ago) New stuff: afkmessage: Allows you to set a custom embed for when a user is pinged, full customization ftw! Variables for it: %afk.message% The users afk message %afk.user% The users name and discriminator %afk.user.mention% The mention of the afk user %afk.user.avatar% the avatar url of the user the id of the afk user %afk.triggeruser% The trigger users username and …

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Gates Of Autism | Discord Servers |

(52 years ago) Creator. Cringey and edgy server, id recommend it if you're going through your edge teen phase but otherwise it's just pure cringe, they'll ban you for anything. Asides from the cringe name, its a …

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Shoob | Discord Bots |

(52 years ago) Most people playing Anime Soul card game hold Shoob dear to their hearts. Legend has it if you did ?shoob Shoob the result would be "Best Bot In The World". FLAME FURY 10 months ago. Been on it for about a year now, and its addicting in a good way, been a fun journey making new friends and playing this game with them. ☺.

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Connect 4 | Discord Bots |

(52 years ago) Nov 16, 2020 · Discord. Report GitLab. Connect 4 is a bot that allows you to play games of... Connect 4. All the games that you play against someone (except yourself) are ranked games and will result in a gain or a loss of elo points. You can keep track of your elo points using the stats command and you can discover the top players using the lead command.

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Discord Roblox Bots | Discord Bot List -

(52 years ago) Boblox is the first economy bot based off of Roblox . Create games and earn bobux off them, invest in the boblox stock market and more! Economy, Meme

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Discord Welcome Users Bots | Discord Bot List

(52 years ago) Spice up your Discord experience with our diverse range of Welcome Users Discord bots

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Genshin Discord Servers | Discord Server List

(52 years ago) Genshin Discord Servers. Currently showing all Genshin servers. Votes Members. 400 5,386 members 359 emotes. Realm of the Adepti | Genshin Impact. A non-toxic fan made server for the game Genshin Impact! We are DID and LGBTQ+ inclusive!! (see description for more info on the server!) Genshin Impact, Gaming. View Join.

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Dad Bot | Discord Bots |

(52 years ago) Dad Bot Now with 90% more dad bod!! 38 votes this month. 142 reviews

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PyQuantum | Discord Bots |

(52 years ago) Premium. PyPremium is now available! Join the support server to purchase it Extra Features: - Invite tracking + inviter roles - Message roles & message tracking - 5x faster (separate host and separate bot) - much less downtime - 25 concurrent giveaways instead of 10 - 50 max winners instead of 20 - 35 days max time instead of 28 days - u are ...

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Abah Zhongli | Discord Bots |

(52 years ago) Abah Zhongli. Genshin Impact Guide, Team Build... 44 votes this month. 3 reviews. Invite Vote. 44.

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LolRiTTeRBot | Discord Bots |

(52 years ago) Creator. LolRiTTeR. Discord. Report Direct Link. A Discord bot specifically made for 2b2t and oldfag ( and Features: Almost every command which can be used on the Minecraft server can be used in Discord. Chatbridge between the Minecraft and Discord-bot. Restart notifications for 2b2t.

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Minju | Discord Bots |

(52 years ago) Mar 21, 2021 · Publish March 21, 2021. Minju is a k-pop card game bot with traditional features such as trading and a marketplace-driven economy. Also has features such as companies and groups, which simulate the workings of the k-pop industry. Create your own company and compete against other companies for market share.

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Wave | Discord Bots |

(52 years ago) It's very easy to play music by using wave, Just follow these steps: Join a voice channel and type +join. Bot will join your voice channel. Now type +play . That's it, bot started playing music.

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Discord Twitter Bots | Discord Bot List -

(52 years ago) The simple all-in-one Twitter bot. Get Tweets from Twitter accounts into Discord channels. Tweet directly from your servers and much more! Media, Social

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Dating Lounge | Discord Servers |

(52 years ago) Dating Lounge. 💕 Second Largest Discord Dating Community 💕 47k+ Members 💕 300+ Profiles/day 💕 LGBTQ+ Friendly 💕 Dating 💕 Date created 14-7-2020 💕. 48 votes this month.

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Discord poll Bots | Discord Bot List -

(52 years ago) Spice up your Discord experience with our diverse range of poll Discord bots

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