Do You Have To Use Your Vacation Time Up First Before You

When you find out that you're losing your job, whether you're laid off, fired or your job is simply eliminated, one of your first concerns is your finances. Receiving unemployment benefits is a great way to help you pay your bills while you're looking for a new job. Deciding to file for unemployment requires that you

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Can Your Employer Force You to Have Group Health Insurance

Group health insurance is a benefit employers may offer their workers, and in many cases, their employees’ dependents. Health care coverage typically includes medical and dental coverage, and sometimes vision. A large number of Americans obtain health insurance coverage through their employer. As an employee, you

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Code of Conduct for Firefighters |

The Firefighters Code of Ethics is a 15-point pledge that requires individual firefighters to promise to act responsibility, and with integrity, both on and off the job. Firefighters promise to be fair, to respect diversity, and to reject discrimination based on race, religion, age or ethnicity.

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Entry Level Cosmetology Tips |

Fresh out of beauty school, a cosmetologist is excited to get her career into full swing. With school out and a license in hand, she is able to work full time in the hair, nail and skin industries providing clients with everything from innovative hair color to gel nails to chemical peels. But, there are things a new

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How to Deal With a Co-Worker's Cough |

Everyone coughs. It's the body's natural way of expelling potentially harmful irritants from the lungs. Coughs can indicate a range of conditions, from fleeting allergic reactions to serious disease. A co-worker coughing every once in a while isn't a big deal, but a co-worker with a persistent, nagging cough could

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Can I Pay an Employee Less Than Minimum Wage If I Also

Can I Pay an Employee Less Than Minimum Wage If I Also Provide Meals? by Jeffrey Joyner. 2 Minimum Wage for Wait Staff; 3 Can a Business Write Off Childcare for Employees? Wage payments must be made in a form that can be readily converted to cash, and payments in scrip, coupons or company store vouchers are illegal. References (3)

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How to Increase Sales and Tips for Retail Sales Associates

Many retail sales people earn commissions based on the number of sales they make. Some even get tips from customers for helping them find the right merchandise at the right price. Even if you work on a straight salary with no sales bonuses, your job is still to help customers make purchases -- and you might not keep

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How to Survive as a Cashier |

Budget Wisely. According to the BLS, cashiers earned an average hourly wage of $8.89 in May 2010. Many beginning cashiers receive minimum wage. To survive as a cashier, you must learn how to live on a cashier's income.

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What Do I Do With My Suit If I'm Traveling to an Interview

Garment Bag. A hanging garment bag is an ideal way to carry your suit to an interview, whether you travel by car, bus or airplane. Hang the suit inside the bag and zip it up carefully to avoid catching the jacket in the zipper.

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The Top Five Responsibilities of a Bakery Manager |

The Top Five Responsibilities of a Bakery Manager by Dr. Mary Dowd; Updated June 29, 2018 social networking and media campaigns can help a business get off the ground. A business manager needs to establish a professional brand, consistent image and stellar reputation. Mary, Dr.. "The Top Five Responsibilities of a Bakery Manager" last

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How to Start a Recreation Business |

Gain Experience. To grow a thriving recreation business, it is helpful to have industry experience or relevant education. Professional experience can include working as a camp counselor at a city-funded program, volunteering with your city's parks and recreation department or working for a private-sector recreation company.

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